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Lemongrass Delight

Lemongrass Delight

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The sweet lemon aroma of pure Lemongrass Tea gives you a taste of the caribbean. An unforgettable and refreshing tea that is extremely satisfying either hot or cold. Lemongrass has been used to help tone muscles and has even been used to reduce cellulite. Lemongrass contains Folic Acid and replenishes the body with vitamins B1, B5, and B6. Medicinal uses include: detoxifying the pancreas & kidney's, reducing body temperature during fever and colds and more.


  • 100% Pure, Organic, Lemongrass



  • Box contains 10 Tea bags; Free from additives, harmful preservatives, fillers and GMO.


  • These tea bags are made with a blend of 100% natural and man-made banana fibers and are oxygen bleached without the use of any harsh chemicals.